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Blow Moulding

Bottles, bottles and more bottles (Our bottles are for internal use. We don't sell empty bottles)

You don't have a bottle? No problem! We have 13 different styles to choose from.  You want us to use your own mould?  No problem.  We'll run your bottles and return your mould to you in pristine condition.  You want it in eggplant, chartreuse or cerise?  No problem!
We have six machines on-site capable of blowing your HDPE requirements.  A Millcreek, a Bekum and four Fischers.  All of our bottles are put through in-line leak tests.  (A standard quality control process we follow so that your bottle does what it is supposed to do.)  And should you want to explore other options, we can also source PET or PVC bottles up to 10L.

We can label 'em, sleeve 'em, decal 'em, mix 'em and shrink wrap 'em any way you want!