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Hot Perm

Our Own Products

Flo-Perm® is our own proprietary brand of products. Windshield wash, Antifreezes and Coolants, and other Automotive fluids. Not only do you get a superior product, you also get convenient sizes. If your establishment is retail based, you'll want to look at the 1L to 4L size. If you would like to use some of the products at your establishment, then the pail and drum sizes will interest you.
Give us a call at 905 495 5100. Tell us you are interested in Flo-Perm® at your establishment. We'll take it from there.

Psst..... our legal beagles tell us that we absolutely must share some really boring stuff with you. Okay. Here goes: Flo-Perm, Magnum and our charming elephant are all registered trademarks of Vulsay. There. 'Nuff said.