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Our Lab Capability

Our Lab Capability

We take pride in our experienced lab technicians.  They are responsible for maintaining our high standards of product quality.  All raw materials are tested upon receipt. Further testing takes place at critical points during the manufacturing process. Finally, before products are shipped or warehoused, they are once more tested to ensure our customer quality levels. Vulsay's specific laboratory testing capabilities include:


Appearance Boiling Point
pH Viscosity
RA Specific Gravity
Colour Density
Flash Point Pour Point
Dielectric  Power Factor
Water Refractive Index


Complete technical assistance and responsive customer service is always available.

We ensure we meet your specifications AND provide quick and reliable service.

Should you have any special requirements, our technical staff can assist you with custom blends and formulations to meet your needs. Our technicians are constantly keeping abreast of the latest specification changes from the military, SAE, ASTM and other technical associations.