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HSE Image

HSE. Three little letters. We take them very seriously. Always will.

Health....... all employees must wear personal protection equipment. No ifs, ands or buts. All employees are tested regularly for potential hearing loss and harmful chemical absorption. Our track record is excellent in this regard. And yes, we have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.
Safety ..... is absolutely paramount. We have very rigorous programs in place for all visitors and employees to ensure their personal safety. Our safety record is outstanding. The Brampton Fire Department signed off on our fire safety plans and protocols. And Crop Life has an incredibly rigorous audit -- during which we scored 98%.
Environment .... for years, Vulsay has been a good neighbor and a solid corporate citizen. When we started our reduce, re-use, recycle programs in the late 80's, we did it because it made good business sense. Today, it just makes sense to preserve our resources as much as possible. Testings by the various municipalities and the ministries have proven that our waste water effluence is insignificant and our air emissions miniscule. We constantly search for ways to reduce consumptions, re-use materials and recycle in accordance with all federal and local laws.